A Random Statue Generator For Your Dungeon Mastering Toolbox

Statues make wonderful dungeon decoration for your Dungeons and Dragons game. They can help you explore the lore of your world, be a source of treasure and mystery for your adventurers, or even be the key to a secret passage or a strange magical effect. This generator can produce more than 3 million unique statues and monuments. Below you’ll find a randomly generated statue. If you’d like to roll another, just refresh the page.

Random Statue (refresh this page for another)
A massive copper statue of an orc.  It is draped in silk cloth; at the base are a few copper coins.  

If this statue is more than a simple monument or decoration, you may wish to have some method of activating it. Here’s a random trigger you could use:

Statue trigger
The statue activates during the hour of dawn.

Here are a few sample statues that this generator can produce:

  • A medium size alabaster statue of a halfling.  It is cold to the touch; around the statue are many offerings. An iron fence surrounds the statue.
  • A small tin statue of a serpent.  It is intricately made; at the base are several pieces of burned paper. The statue sits on an ornate pedestal.
  • A large silver statue of a lion.  It cries tears of molten copper; around the statue are many bloodstains. A rope barrier surrounds the statue.
  • A large stone statue of a man.  It is hollow; it constantly rains around the statue, even indoors.
  • A large dried mud statue of a crab.  It hides a secret switch; the air around the statue smells sweet.

Coming Soon

This generator uses PHP to automatically generate the results, but soon I’ll release a printable collection of rollable tables, for those of you who like the old-school route and want something you can use at the game table.

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