Month: September 2017

Download This Free Template To Take Better Post-Session Notes

A lot can happen in a tabletop RPG session! An unplanned NPC gets introduced. The players visit a new district of the city, visiting shops that didn’t exist until you made them up on the spot. The players might make progress on several different quest threads. They might acquire important items or relics, but haven’t fully uncovered everything there is to know about those items.

Remembering everything that happened can be a nightmare, even if your group just meets once a week. If your group meets on a longer schedule — or has to skip a session for some reason — it can be even worse.

So when I finish up a game session, I like to sit down and take a few minutes to jot down some quick notes while everything is fresh in my memory. For the most part, I stick to short bullet-notes that I can go back and expand later on. Here’s what I include in my notes:

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100 Horrific Variations To Spruce Up Your Zombies

Zombies are one of my favorite monsters. They shamble along, consumed by a ravenous hunger for living flesh. But let’s be honest — it’s easy for the traditional zombie to become background filler, even in undead-focused campaigns.

I wanted to spice zombies up a little bit, so I put together a table of 100 random zombie variants. You could use these variants to change up the normal state of all the zombies in your world, or even just to change up the zombies found in a particular dungeon or encounter. For the most part, the table is system and setting agnostic, although there’s a little bias leaning towards traditional fantasy.

There is a good deal of body horror in the table below, so if that squicks you out, proceed with caution.

To use it, just roll a d100 and find the corresponding number.

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100 Random Goals For Your NPCs

Engaging and interesting NPCs help your campaign setting come alive. Maybe the players help the NPCs achieve their goals; maybe they thwart them. Sometimes an NPC’s goal might just be something they work towards while the players are off doing something else. The important thing is that every NPC has something that they want. Like real people, they have goals and aspirations, and they pursue those goals and aspirations, sometimes to success, sometimes to inevitable failure.

I’ve put together a list of 100 random goals you can use for your NPCs. You can use the table to flesh out your existing NPCs (particularly the ones you had to improv because the players went in a direction you didn’t expect), or to invent new ones on the fly.

To use it, just roll a d100 and find the corresponding number.

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Welcome to Warp Walkers

Warp Walkers is a blog about tabletop roleplaying. I’ve been gaming for close to 15 years, and have experience with a variety of game systems, although my preferred game of choice is Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, with some house rule modifications.

This blog will be a place for me to share helpful articles, tips and resources I’ve created for GMs and players, content I’ve developed for my own games, and neat gaming-related things I’ve come across. The plan is to release new posts on the blog regularly throughout the week.